DDS Plugin for CS5.

Well ive decided to start modding for GSB,and i cannot find a version of the DDS plugin for Photoshop CS5 x64.
Without it i cant you know,save models?

Anyone got a version for CS5?

Also FYI:
Its going to be a food race,im starting with onion rings.

I use photoshop 7 and i found the dds plugin at Nvidia . . However after a quick search it seems that there is no plugin for your version. You might have to save your files as a different format then convert them.

thats why i use and gimp is really simple, but gets the job done if youre cutting and pasting images to make ships.

gimp is better because you can use soft strokes, good for making damage and effects.

but the best thing about these two NO PLUGIN REQUIRED!

i have tried with CS4 but i didnt think it was effective enough for the simple stuff i do (plus i never got the dds plugin to work!)

so yeah, my advice is to use these instead… but then again its a matter of personal taste.

EDIT: a food race?? onions? i bet that you thought of that when you saw the unity vs union mod ^^

union makes me think of onion somehow… no offence darkstar :stuck_out_tongue:

I did some research on the plug-in a while back, and found that it has been discontinued. It hasn’t been updated since, I believe, CS2, and at that point there was no official 64-bit version of Photoshop. If you are willing to use the 32-bit version of Photoshop it does still work with that. I’ll warn you however that it was never a very good plug-in to begin with, and is far buggier than going with either of the other two programs.

In the end though I have to agree with everyone else that it will really benefit you to simply use Paint.NET or GIMP. I use Paint.NET myself, but it really is a very simple editing program. GIMP is far more powerful, but at the same time is a good deal more complicated. Both are free, and here’s the links to it.