Dear Cliffski, please do not release until.....


I read somewhere that you are close to releasing the final game and doing a demo. I’m sure other players will have their own wishlist, but please, please, please do not release the game until you have tidied up the navigation through the challenges screen. At the moment, I have to do this:

Challenges >> Show Everybody >> Sort by Difficulty Desc >> Look for the first map I have not downloaded and download it >> Deploy >> Fight >> Go to Fleet HQ >> Main Menu >> Challenges >> Show Everybody >> Sort by Difficulty Desc >> …

It drives me nuts that I have to do this every time I want to play some challenges, so much so that I do not play the game as much as I would like to. Please give me an option to go straight back to the challenges screen from the battle win/loss dialog, and store my last checkbox/sorting preference in the Challenges screen so it loads by default.

Also, you have to (yes ‘have to’ imho) add 2 more columns to the challenges table so I can view how many times I have attempted a challenge, and how many times I have achieved victory. Currently, I have no way of telling if I have achieved victory yet (if there is a way, please let me know).


At the very least, this is already done for the next (1.17) version

Second the motion for the “how many times have I tried / beaten” info. But I dunno how I feel about extra columns. Perhaps if the existing rating / difficulty column were replaced with the “my personal rating / victory ratio” information but only for those battles I’ve actually attempted? It’s a difficult little UI problem, but with a zillion challenges it’s hard to track this type of information in my head.

This is done for 1.17

I think, a simple small change that would help is to add more methods of elimination and sorting. Storing time&date posted and version and putting it in sortable categories in the browser help a ton. Being able to see new challenges that have been posted since the last time you logged in would be nice too. This is the kind of thing a game reviewer will tear you apart on. I know the desire to avoid creating new bugs must be strong but I do agree the challenge browser is not ready to go live.

I dunno… I tend to just sort for the most difficult and give them my best shot =):

I agree that sorting or filtering by date and maybe enemy race? would be a good idea. I just need to find the best way to shoehorn it into the UI.

Err Ramdom fight generator please.

I was thinking ‘but why, when there’s so many challenges?’ then I thought about when rats ate my internet connection and shuddered in horror. No GSB until the terminator folks get done killing the vermin and the internet folks restore the cable?! At a minimum, it would be nice to mark a challenge for local caching or something. What does it currently do with downloaded missions? Can I stock up?