Debit Card, or something

I have a BIG problem. It might not be possible to fix, and I’m sure it has nothing to do with Positech.

When I try to order, I get this:

It’s basicly: “Bad enough, that you live in a 3rd world country like Hungary, but you chose the wrong bank, LOSER!”

That was my 1st ever try to pay online, with my card, and it seems it’s the last :frowning:

Hi that’s weird, I had no idea there was such a restriction. If you have a paypal account, you can pay by paypal, or even send a posted check as I recall.

Wow, that was fast! Thank you. :slight_smile: I tried to make a PayPal account. The results:

It seems My Cirrus/Maestro card is not usable on the web. Only in EVERY FRIGGIN SHOP I’VE EVER BEEN!!! :confused:

PayPal agrees, my Debit-card (never heard that word before) isn’t good. It lets me add a bank account but I can’t pay with that.

All I want to know now is WTF? Why? What’s wrong? :angry:

I’ll take this up with the payment company.

BMT tell me that they are awaiting payment from paypal. If its a new paypal account, there might be a slight delay. I know once an accounts set up with them, its a lot easier. Hope that helps.

PayPal will never give them a dime… I erased the account after realising that it does not work without a creditcard. I’m really sorry about that, I hope I didn’t make too much “damage”… :blush:

I borrowed mom’s Mastercard, and on the second try it seems to work. (No e-mail notification yet) With that kind of costumer support I have to buy your game! :smiley: I hope my bad luck ends now :unamused:

And once again, sorry about that PayPal thing…

Nope, still no luck. I officially give up. :cry:
I hope one day I’ll have a decent credit card of my own, but first I’ll need a real job :frowning: I’ll stick to reading your blog from the beginning. I’m at 04/01/2005 now. :wink: (makes me wanna make games, and that’s good, since I’m a programmer)

if you are located in the EU you could try to do a direct wire transfer to their “Deutsche Bank” account
(no credit card / paypal needed - just your or rather your moms account :stuck_out_tongue:

(finally i see cheap payment options like EU-direct wire transfers)

edit - weird last post from 08.july and i see it as new :open_mouth:

To end this topic I whould like to state, that with mom’s 3. credit card I have succeeded in shopping on teh net.

In a month I will have the funds to buy the game hopefully. Thank you! :smiley: