Debt Crisis!!

I am the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom on my main game on Democracy and I have a constant debt crisis which comes on and off. What can I do to whipe this crisis from my Gold Crime Free Utopian Envirnmental Paradise.

Balance your budget?

Do you do this by spending the same amount as you gain, type of thing.

Actually, to sort out your debt crisis you would want to have more coming in than going out and maintain it for a while so that your national debt and resultant quarterly interest payment goes down.

Ok thanks, well I guess that makes sense. The only problem is that certain peoples will not approve but I guess thats just the way the game works eh.

Thanks anyways. :smiley:

I have found that national debt doesn’t actually affect your ability to run the country as i have never got game over for too much debt. I think i hit the UK’s national debt roof as debt stopped rising once it reached this amount.

EXP: - 2176,449.50 Billion
DEBT: 130579,880.00 Billion

I think Democracy 2 will need a game over when debt reaches a certain level as i can’t see any government letting a leader run up so much debt that you could never get out of it.

I thought so too, back in 2000 :slight_smile: