Debt / interest

Hi all, I have tried to play with France but whatever I do the amount of debt always increases and achieving a surplus ecomomy simply becomes impossible. Yet the people ar happy and I am able to get re-elected over and over.

Maybe this is just life :slight_smile:

Ignore debt for a while.

Make sure deficit doesn’t climb too high if you want to remove debt eventually.
Alternatively you can go full socialist and please groups that aren’t pissed by debt crisis.

It is already 3rd term. Recently tried over-taxation but that also did not help…

Looks like no way to pay the debt…

Max out GDP and increase taxes while you are subsidizing stuff.

I think I got it to 200% before stabilizing.

Debt just goes down whenever you have a surplus - only interest on the debt shows up as spending.

I’ve cleared the debt in the UK - Introduced a ‘Citizenship Tax’ (flat tax) and just weathered the storm with policies like UBI until it cleared.

I’m interested if anyone knows - once you have a surplus, can you gain income through the interest of it? Like if you have huge debt the ‘maintenance’ cost goes up, is the inverse not true when you’re in the black?

Once you clear debt you have savings with 0% interest rate.
That is those savings don’t give you income.

Would it not at the very least increase the strength of your currency (as more is out of circulation)? And of course if left un-checked lead to some weird Hyper-deflation?

Nope, it has absolutely no effects.

Raised this before but got no traction - surplus does nothing which is madness it should allow for interest or you should be able to do something with it other than running a deficit in the future.