Debug Info

Hello i hope this is the right place


and the drawdebug.txt

as you can see i have some problems is my fault or bug:?:

you are playing with or against ships from the order expansion pack, and yet the order expansion pack is not correctly installed.

no i don’t have order pack installed… yet… that means i am thinking about buying it just need the time…

I have un installed the game , didn’t helped then i had un installed the game and my profile in my documents and all that files and still it is an problem with : &


Actually forget my last post, that was nonsense. You should be able to ignore these warnings tbh. Are you actually experiencing any problems?

no there are no problems with my game experience… i just looked into these files and noticed" hey something isn’t working here"

thats all :wink:

…maybe you should have SAID that in the first post :stuck_out_tongue:

my first though was : do on my computer something isn’t working…

if i havent seen yet how could i know that is missing…

ok everything looks fine after installing order and tribe expansions :slight_smile: