Decals...would this be cool?

Take a look and let me know…

Umm, YES? That’s pretty awesome.
Will it support importing your own image files into the game to use as decals?

Actually, I can see that getting out of hand… you’d end up with some X-rated fleets pretty quickly…

In this video, did I see a portion of the decal overlaying the “blinking light” elements on the wingtips each time they faded out? I realize this may be just an issue that you haven’t yet dealt with while prototyping the feature, but I’d consider that to be a bit of an eyesore if it has to remain that way.

Other than that, very cool indeed.

Decals would be nice.

Doubly so, if modder-created decals can be easily & cleanly added in. I must admit I wouldn’t be overly enthused about the feature if we’re limited to bundled official decals only, though.

We need a way to change the transparency (alpha channel) of a decal while using the Ship Customizer in-game. I saw nothing in the video to indicate that it’s possible yet, and I think that player control over variable transparency would be needed for decals to reach their full potential.

Oh there are a ton of kinks to work out for sure. Right now it only works in the editor, no idea how badly it goes wrong in a battle :D. And I agree, moddable decals are needed, ideally wrapped up into challenges too.
Its an early stages ‘is it worth me continuing to work on this thing’ idea so far, but I would like to get it in.

watches video<


I have one thing to say about this.

Decals proved to be more of a pain than expected, but we did end up adding custom textures to an individual component, which is already in the latest PC patch.