Default Car Price

What I would love to see is a way to set a default car price increase. Typically when a new car comes off the line due to a feature change, I immediately set the percentage to around 50% (there might be other numbers that are better… I haven’t really explored a best price point, if there even is one yet)

However, working with a large plant with various inputs, I can start generating hundreds of new, different car models as different permutations of features start getting generated. I have designed factory floors where I will have two or more stations either performing or not performing add-ons (aluminum body, backup camera, etc.) for each step of the build process, and from those stations they can then cross over into another line and not get the next add-on, or perhaps get one. This creates a huge number of different car models, and with each additional station that gets built with varied add-ons, the number of car models that gets generated increases geometrically. I currently have a save game where there are easily a couple of hundred different car models due to the permutations, and I am not relishing the idea of adding yet another option to the lines, because that will simply double the number of models that will be generated once more, which means that I would have to sit there every few seconds both clicking the “accept new model” dialog box and sliding the percentage slider over to where I want it.

I have seen one suggestion where a default car name was thought of, though just leaving it blank is just as good for me, but is there something we could do with that percentage slider as well? Perhaps if we set it to 50% the first time, it remembers where we had it last time and leaves it there for the next one? I don’t even mind clicking “OK” for a new model, but having to hit that slider every time to keep profits up is annoying to say the least.

Yup, this is definitely something the game needs. I think that we should have a ‘default markup’ on the market-value of features, and have them persist over any combination. The player would be able to go to a pricing screen (like the current new car one) and adjust the premium/discount for each feature up or down, but all cars of the same body type would be named and treated the same.

Right now we only have one body type, but if we had SUV, Mini, etc… then the current ‘new car design’ popup would only happen if you produced a new body type.
(Or maybe certain non-cosmetic features, like a different engine technology would also trigger a new car type).

I accept that the bazillion car designs phenomena is a disaster and needs fixing.