Default naming

Is there any way to have all ship names default to something other than gratuitous? Better yet, can you have names set based on design? All Class X Frigates have Roman names, all Class Y Cruisers have warlike, etc.

This would be nice. Especially since it is ridiculously easy to make your own ship name lists (a really cool feature.)

Along these lines it would also be nice if you could rename a large selection of ships with random names from one of the lists all at once.

As I recall this is set per race, it’s an entry in each race’s text config file.

Thanks, Cliff! That’s what I was looking for.

It’d be really nice if fighters defaulted to fighter squadron names.

Just noticed that they didn’t, and yeah, it would be nice.

I liberally salted my main ship list with many classic names of honor from the historic sea fleets of (roughly) the time of the First World War. For a history nerd like me, it’s awesome as well as pleasantly weird to be fighting with or against Dreadnought, Seydlitz, Lexington, Iron Duke, Goeben, and Tsarevich…all at the same time. =D

Seconded! Such would make it far easier to add to the cinematic; no, gratuitous flavour of the game! Pretty please, cliffski?