Default orders/UI

I’ve played a bit. Enough to already be tired of always having to set fighters to “cautious” (as I invariably have something with a fighter bay in the fleet). Or to always set “keep moving.” Or “cooperative.”

So I suggest…default orders. These could be assigned at the ship design phase (“any time I deploy a Frigate X, it will have “keep moving” and “attack fighters at range Y” as default orders.” Or at the scenario level, which would be more general (“all fighters I deploy in this scenario will be cautious 35%”), or wherever the gurus of GSB figure is a good spot for the default orders to go in.

In general, anything that would help avoid repetitive UI movements would be great. I see someone else in another post suggested being able to save formations–ten frigates, say, arranged like this, or FRG FRG CL with the Frigates on 600meter escort of the Cruiser. One thing I miss being able to do is selectively select ships using a method more precise than mass selecting using the box dragger–command-click three separate ships, for example, with no requirement they be next to each other and isolated from other ships I don’t want to select.

I checked around here in the forum and didn’t see most of these ideas represented–but apologies if I’m repeating ideas already bandied about…


When you deploy a ship, right click on it and “save orders.” it does all the orders that are not things like “formation” or “escort” (since they require other ships).


You can do this - in the upper left of the Deployment screen there is a Save Deployment button.

Although “command-click” sounds suspiciously like you use a Mac, about which I know very little, I can vouch that for Windows you can Ctrl-click multiple ships. You can also double-click a ship to select all ships of that type currently deployed.

OK, then! Thanks! That will help…