Defects and re-work coming soon :D

I’ve been making good progress on the code for cars getting defects and those defects getting fixed by a new ‘rework’ station you will have access to soon :smiley:

Hi Cliff!

Will you be making it so that defects introduced early in the construction of the vehicle, but detected late take longer to be fixed?

For example, if a defect occurs during “Fit Fuel Tank”, but isn’t detected until “Fit Dashboard”, will it take longer to deal with the problem? I’m thinking this issue could encourage placement of re-work stations at several points throughout the line.

It could also work that re-work stations only have a percentage chance of finding a fault. As a result, someone who’s aiming for high profits and excellent reputation will want multiple re-work stations placed throughout the factory, strategically placed at various hot points along the line.

Yup, the severity of each fault increases as it passes along the line. Each new task carried out on the car increases the severity. Thats basically a measurement of how long it takes to fix.
Currently a rework station fixes all faults, but allowing some to be missed is definitely interesting.

Can we also have part quality?

How manufacturers manage the issue of rework being more expensive the further along the build the vehicle is, is by making the quality and inspection of parts reflect somewhat how expensive it will be to fix either in production or warrenty. For example brake lines on a certain UK made small sports car are almost impossible to change. So they are inspected very carefully and consequently have lower risk of problem. Something like a headlamp that isnt as hard to change out isn’t inspected as thoroughly.

Lets the player balance the cost of multiplerework stations with part quality and impact on cost of a fault.

Most production lines won’t do rework until the end even if a fault is snagged during build. It’s just too much disruption to take something out of the line and then insert it back in. And a rework station standing idle most of the time is inefficient and costly.

I do like the idea of part quality, as currently the system is very simple. I’m sure there is no such thing as ‘leather seats’, for example, with a seat in a Rolls Royce likely being manufactured to a higher quality than a volvo :D. Its something I might revisit later in the games development.

Part quality is, to my belief a vital part of the QA system and I agree that we need to somehow incorporate it into the game. Perhaps as a research upgrade on the manufacturing slots.

As for the leather, well yes there are varying levels of quality on the leather. Leather quality is affected by the animal it comes from, the tanning and curing process as well as actual scarring and blemishes and the actual thickness of the leather. Leather is just like your skin. The more you wonder around, the more nicks and scars you will have.