Defend Caspian IV - need help

I just cannot do this level on hard difficulty.

I need fleet ideas for this.

What i’m doing at the moment is having a line of cruisers that are armored and shielded, with 3 defence lasers and a tractor beam for antifighter, Behind them is a line of sheilded, cruiser beam laser ships that are ment to defeat enemy frigates and cruisers, i have dotted around and inbetween the 2 lines some anti-missile frigates, with just point defence weapons. and 7 squads of puslelaser+rocket fighters.

The initial enemy fighter/bomber rush gets killed fairly quickly, just in time for the enemy cruisers to get in range, after the initial fighter/bomber wave has ended, my fighters go of and get killed, and the enemy just oblitirates my cruisers 1 by 1 using lasers and missiles, and anti-missile frigate brave enough to move close enough to one of my own cruisers to shoot down the missiles just gets lasered to death, leaving my cruisers without missile defence :frowning:

I really need some help for this one.

Get Union and use the Resolute Mk 5 hull. You will win.

and what is union?

A mod, here is the link: viewtopic.php?f=23&t=6468

If front of your screen of cruisers drop a decoy cruiser. Arm it with a couple tractors and a couple pulse lasers, armour + armour repair shields and engines. Make it engage fighters 100% + aggressive and remove engaging cruisers and frigates. Set your fighters to escort it - in this one I used 16 squads of pure laser nomads fighters. Set your fighters to engage only frigates and cruisers.

All the enemy’s fighters will converge on tour tempting target. Since your laser fighters will be clustered close around it they will have a huge bonus engaging the enemy fighters that will come piecemeal. Torpedo fighters will waste their initial rounds on the fighters before being chewed up. Your decoy cruiser will meander forwards towards each fighter group and then the frigates will engage it. The pulse lasers will make quick work of frigate shields allowing the fighters lasers to finish the job.

Eventually your decoy will do what all good decoys and die a spectacular fiery glory death. At this point your fighters which will mostly have survived intact will en masse (if you have coop and removed engage fighters) to the nearest cruisers lasering from under the shields.

This should knock the enemy down to about 75% before your wall/line meets the opposition.

I tend to ignore any defense lasers. A pulse laser is almost as accurate and has a better chance to taking down frigates and damaging cruisers. I would also limit it to one to tie in with a tractor beam. Skip frigates as a defense - they are too slow and are nothing but rocket bait to fighters. If you play as rebels you can make a missile cruiser almost as cheap as a frigate.

I will post the fleet I used that lived with 69%. It wasn’t for Defend Caspian IV, but a private challenge - still works quite well.

Just look under “berny_74” for a fleet posted today.

it was made before the Parasites expansion came out, so it will fail miserably against them.

I just got back into this game, and just finished that battle mission from a “fresh start”- no mods, no unlocked upgraded gears, just stock beginner modules/ships, and the beginner federation race.

I really like Caspian IV on hard- its a well orchestrated multiwave attack. I faced it with all my forces concentrated in the top corner, so this is how their battle planned out, from that approach:
Wave 1: the fighters single out your frigates, going for easy kills/ mismatch of forces early, and crippling any fast moving support you may have brought in them.
Wave 2: The Front line hits- the Cruisers and frigates, just powering into your force- EMP, lasers, the works. And if you overcome THAT…
Wave 3: The missile spam. Slow moving cruisers with lots of missiles arrive late, all lined up to punish any survivors of wave 2.

[note- its probably wise to start in the top corner so you dont get all 3 waves at once]

Now, My strategy may not be anything new/exciting. But it was effective.
14 fighter squadrons. simple gun, small engine, light armor. Nothing fancy

  • fighter orders are deleted attack cruisers, Stick together, Cooperative, Vulture, Retaliate. The attack frigates range is set to lowest. (so they are more likely to strafe the frigates and get shots off inside their shields, rather than veer away and only plink the shields). I removed the Attack Cruisers order because it made them waste time on invulnerable cruisers, rather than peeling off to assault something somewhere else. These deal with Wave 1, and do some payback as well, hunting out all enemy fighters, then raiding frigates wherever they can be found.

10 Cruisers. Just big slow brawlers. It was a buffalo, and I think it had 3 cruiser lasers, 2 beam lasers, 1 heavy plasma, and a missile scrambler. Its shields were a mk2+ reflective (so it can simply reflect most laser hits), and its armor was the mk2, and 2 of them, with a repair module. This made it tough, slooow (only room for 1 engine), but did was it was designed to do: clumsilly lumber into cruiser laser range, surviving the trip, and rapid fire everything to oblivion in record time. It was good at this, and Even while being emp-ed the other 9 cruisers took that time to deal the real hurt in the midst of Wave 2.

26 frigates. I named them Plasma Barges. 4 plasmas, shields, double engines, and enough power to keep it all running. These are kinda cheesy, possibly, But I hold that they are a key element of war: the bombardment. 26 times 4 plasmas on each is… yeah, 104 plasma shots at once. These frigates were set to Keep Moving, and their attack frigate and cruiser ranges were set to 1100. (plasma is 950, but the 150 extra compensates the frigate’s maneuvering- it wont stay out of range). this keeps them at long range, and the bombardment just roars on in all game. In battle these hang back behind the cruisers, and dont get all suicidal rushing past them; they just hang back, slowly shifting left and right, and by mid-late battle are formed in a hemisphere around the enemy forces, lobbing plasma the whole time. The neverending hail of plasma DEATH assists in dropping shields, killing frigates, and more importantly; winning the end game long range battle with Wave 3.

All of these ships were crammed up in the top corner, cruisers up front, as small an area as possible.

And thats it! like I said, probably not the most original, but It worked just fine, leaving me roughly 65% at the end, and being 5000 honor points under to help unlock those extra goodies. And no upgrades/mods.

Hopefully explaining things out a bit gave you an idea on how you may want to try to tackle this battle. Good luck!

I find this map is best done with pretty much pure cruisers, with a FT shell to strip enemy Frigates out, and maybe take out some FT’s.
use MWM’s or Fast’s, Cruiser Missiles while fun aren’t quite as good.