Defending against extremists?

I’m having some success winning elections, but inevitably a faction (usually liberals, religious, or capitalists) will get a bit angry and take me out. There never seem to be all that many of them, usually peaking at a couple of hundred or so, but my security setup seems totally inadequate.
Is there a way to buff up security so that you have some defense against small groups, or do you need to keep all the factions at least a little bit happy, all the time, to survive?

Security measures like phone tapping and police drones will make attacks less likely to succeed. Though in the short term it will annoy liberals more…


The only way is to use intelligence services, wiretapping, police drones, ID cards etc.

OK that was sort of what I thought. It’d be nice to get something in the UI that tells you that those specific things will make your security more effective and by how much though, everything else is well explained in the interface and that isn’t.

ah, that makes sense.

I pissed of the wealthy and they had me killed. I had no idea how to avoid it while I tried to change policies as fast as I could to please them. In the end, I fixed the economy, got debt under control, job market improving, GDP going up during a global recession…

yup, I had a great 6 years (4 year terms) before I got killed.

I’ve bitten the bullet quite a few times, myself. Its an annoying way to end your march to utopia. :slight_smile:

The best defense is to max out the spy agency, cctv’s and boost wiretapping for sure.
or… you can go into the options panel and turn assassinations off completely. :slight_smile:

i like the idea of assassinations being left on, but i concur your popularity should be in the single digits with that group before it becomes a likely event.

It’s hard isn’t it though because it’s almost motivation for me not to forget the wealthy and the capitalists so much that they want to kill me. Of course they are not by any means first priority but when my country is working a little better I do look at cutting out all of the “wealthy” taxes and cutting corporation tax down considerably. If they weren’t warning me about it I’d probably forget.

The other thing is it’s an interesting twist but I also think it’s too simple. All you have to do in most cases is continue what you’re doing and if you don’t get assassinated they calm down and ignore you even in the red. As I think I’ve stated in other threads rally’s would be interesting, or marches.

Also one thing that would be really good was that if you actually succeeded in eliminating an entire group of people (politically) that it showed up crossed out in red instead of just “in the red” that would be good, but also that you should FEEL something because of it. If capitalists are completely erased what would be the negatives of this, what about the poor, what about the religious? What negatives for society are there?

Other than the security state policies already mentioned, you should also tackle the problem from the other end and try to reduce the factors making the group unhappy. If they are bottomed out for approval try to nudge them back into a low yellow level at least. The catch of course is to not piss the other groups too much in the process, especially large ones that you are relying on for votes come election time. Longer term, I believe looking at policies that reduce the membership of the unhappy groups will also thereby reduce the numbers of radicals that they spawn.

For example, in my current Canada game the religious faction has been out to kill me since day 1 (due to legal prostitution, on demand abortion). I appeased them somewhat with a marriage tax grant and then longer term have been increasing things like technology grants, space program funding, cancelled religious school funding, etc, which is reducing their overall membership slowly over time.