Defending Sirius with default arrangment

Has anyone been able to beat the first mission (or any of them for that matter), with the default deployment, or created a new fleet that results in more Honor points than the default one?

Honour is reduced with the cost of your fleet. If you can find a way to defeat a whole aI fleet with one ship, that’ll get yout he most honour possible!

Yeah, I don’t think I will be doing that anytime soon. I have played around with deploying a single modified ship just for kicks.

In the current build you can probably do it with the rather broken mega-armour dreadnaught (Cruiser with six + ultrathick armour plates). Sure, it only has a couple of plasma cannons as armament, but it never takes any damage, so leave it LONG enough and it should wear everything down.

I’ve seen the effect up I’ve never been able to replicate it, is there something glitched about the number six? Because when I put more, like 10-12 ultra-heavy armor and a handful of advanced armor repair stations they’re still killed but I run across ship in challenges that can take the combined fire of 42 fusion beams or heavy plasma cannons continuously and not have their armor go down while having other defenses besides armor. Since I can lose things with substantially more armor and repair ability is 6 a glitch?

slight typo on my part, it should have read 6+, and no, there’s nothing special about six. In fact, I think you need more than six, although it’s really just about the ratio of armour modules to non-armour modules.

Try it with the Python hull, it has various bonuses that help considerably. I hear that 2 repairers are the optimum amount, and make the rest all armour.

I’ve beaten every mission in the game, on all difficulties, and I still can’t beat this mission at will. That’s what I love about this game, the interaction between the ships can be really quite subtle and it requires thought and time to piece together a good fleet.