Deleting Ship Designs on a Mac?

I’ve got a bunch of ships with cruddy names that I’d like to delete. When I try to select the ‘delete’ option on the deployment screen, however, it’s greyed out.

I’m running on a Mac, so I’m wondering if it’s related to that…

it’s because you already have deployed ships of that design. Remove the ships from your deployment, then delete the design. This works on both Mac and PC (I’m a Mac user too)

Nope; still greyed out, even with no deployed ships at all!

Hmm… maybe you have saved deployments with that ship type? delete 'em or change them so they don’t have that ship in it. then try it again.

Nope; not even with new races that I’ve never made a single deployment for.

That’s really extraordinarily odd behavior. :confused: