Dem1 policies into Dem2 policies?

How do I do this? The Dem1 policies are just writen-files aren’t they? But the Dem2 policies are like someother program. Any adivse?

There are some extra pieces of data required for the democracy 2 policies (like the separate action point costs for each action, rather than 1 generic one) but otherwise they are very similar, and both are loaded as text.

So what program do I use to create a mod policy, or how do I convert a Dem1 modded policy to a Dem2 modded policy? If you know what I mean?

you can just edit them in a text editor like textpad (
The changes are: (assuming you open them in excel)

column F in Democracy 1 used to just say TRUE or FALSE to mean if it was cancellable. this now becomes UNCANCELLABLE instead of false

There are 4 new columns in Democracy 2 next, which are the introduce,cancel,raise and lower costs of a policy.

The rest is the same, although we ahve some new simulation data like ‘foreign relations’ so some older policies may need newer effects. Plus, we now have inertia (optional) in an effect, which is that final value after the comma in an effect, so they may benefit from tweaking too.

Oh ok, so in order to make my Dem1 modded policies into Dem2 modded polices I need to add the new information? Ok got you.