[demo] Cannot Exit Game!!!

The problem is that I am unable to quit the game without it loading my browser (to pimp the full version). You see I cannot load a current game AND the internet browser at the same time as it eats my memory and chuggs the computer. So I told Kaspersky to block the action, bad choice. You see unless the browser is opened, the game will not close! I cannot alt-tab, alt-enter, ctrl-tab, ctrl-alt-del, or any of the Function key combinations. I can however operate the shutdown button (from memory).

If you REALLY ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO load something after the game closes, please set it to wait a little to give the game time to clear itself. Another option, which is a favorite classic, is to have 2 or 3 screens appear after the exit screen just like the old dos games did - “Don’t forget to Register!” Loading another program without asking my permission first is like internet popups, and I Block popups.

Edit Alright, it’s working now by leaving the browser open before starting the game. Also I have discovered it’s actually faster to close the game via the ‘Manual’ button :).

  • Mike