Demo Crashing at Start-up

Yeah, I already surfed the entire forum and found nothing that applied to me. I’m considering that Vista just really really hates me.

After I install the game, and try to boot it up it gives me a [setdisplaymode] error on top of a black screen then stops responding. I have installed and reinstalled the game multiple times, I have tried to add the intel line into the config file (even though I’m running AMD), and the computer tells me I don’y have ‘permission’ to edit the file. I am certain it’s not my video card, as this laptop is running a brand new nVidiaGo, the laptop itself was bought four months ago.

I’ve tried to run in XP compatibility and Windows 95 compatibility and it gives me the same error every time. When I try to execute the patch (just in case) it gives me another error message ‘Patch cannot be executed’ or something close and equally annoying.


nVidia Go 7150
2.0 GhZ
AMD Turion 64
Vista (it’s the version that comes packed in with every laptop, I hate it, it sucks)
And yes, I am an admin.

I’m wondering if you have ‘Data execution prevention’ turned on. Go to the control panel, select \Performance Information and Tools the Data Execution prevention and make sure it is not set to the lower option, and thus not affecting the game.
You should definitely be able to edit that file, that’s possibly a symptom of a bigger issue?

If you installed the game in Program Files, that’s the problem.
Under Vista the Program Files and Windows folders are protected.

Reinstall Kudos 2 in C:\Games and your problems should be solved.

Okay, I uninstalled then reinstalled the game in a different location, tried the intel thing, I could put it in this time, but no changes. I checked the data execution, top option, nothing happens. I don’t get it, it seems like I’m the only one with this problem.


It turns out there was a very simple solution, change the screen resolution. Kudos doesn’t seem to like 12xx by 800. I’ll just run it 6xx by 6xx for now. Thanks for the help guys.

Edit: I just finished the demo. Loved it, is there any way I could get a retail version at a place like Wal-Mart?

PS. When I first looked at the screenshots a couple weeks ago I was ‘Oh noes!’, now I love the new art style. Odd, isn’t it?

We don’t have a retail deal yet, buy it online!