Demo Freezes

Downloaded Demo of GSB yesterday.

Splash screen comes up with pretty picture.

Nothing else comes up. No buttons, no menus, nothing.

Keyboard seems to respond but nothing happens (Num lock light turns on/off). Alt-Tab, Ctrl-Alt-Del, no go, nothing. Mouse can be moved around.

Only solution seems to be restarting computer.

Windows XP Professional, SP2, 2 GB ram, Quad Core Intel.

Any help?

I managed to figure it out by editing the prefs.ini file. Changed windowed = 1, and the resolution 1280 x 1024. Now demo runs but inside of a window.

How come the game doesn’t work when windowed = 0?

hm… i think the problem is that that screen resolution is too big for your computer. i had this problem too. you just need to go to prefs.ini and change the height and width to your desired amount. that should fix.