Demo game doesn't run for me

I just downloaded the demo version and got it installed. My problem is even though I adjusted the settings as instructed in Support, I can’t get my game to run.

I’m on Win98 using an ATI XPERT 98 AGP 2X video card. Could this be the reason it’s not working?

I also have a suggestion. It would help immensley if some basic system requirements were given on the site so that people like me will know whether to bother downloading in the first place.

Hi, that video card sounds extremely old, how much RAM does it have? unfortunately system requirements are a bit of a black art, because there is no standardisation at all. some cards with 64 MB of memory will be fine, some with 32 will be fine, depending on the drivers,
All this is changing soon with the new games for windows style system requirements, which put games into categories.

I strongly suspect your card is too old to play the game. sorry!

8 megs. I guess I’ll just have to wait until I upgrade this next month. one thing I’m getting is a much newer Nvidia card with 64 megs on it. I’m also upgrading to Win 2k. I know people are talking about Vista, but it’s never a good idea to go with something new from Microsoft, as the bugs tend to not be worked out.

In my humble opinion, XP is better than 2k, especially for games. XP is a much nicer system all round, whereas 2k is really aimed at businesses.
But yes, an 8MB card is VERY old. On friday my new PC shows up (with vista) and a 640MB video card. w00h00!

XP is okay; I’ve tried it, but I’ve been used to NT systems for longer than I have been to single consumer Windows systems Aside from that, I sometimes help my boyfriend with remote testing, which is why I’m getting W 2k in the first place. 'nuff 'bout me :smiley: