Demo Impressions/Questions about GSB

First of all I just wanted to say I finally tried the demo and I really enjoyed it. I will definantly be picking this game up eventually. I also like the fact there is no DRM making this purchase an easy one. I see there is also a conquest mode now which makes this a no brainer.

I’m just wondering where I should pick it up from. Does the Official site allow me to download the client forever and just access my account when logged into the client? I do not use steam but I do use Impulse/Gamestop. I’m assuming both sites just let you download the client and everything is handled ingame from there? I’ve seen GSB on sale so many times now and passed it by I feel stupid. My last question would be is there any plans for an Ultimate Bundle with everything up to Conquest DLC?

I REALLY recommend you to use BMT micro to buy GSB Collectors Edition, The Campaing DLC and then The Nomads and The Parasites DLCs. I just did that some time ago and i NEVER had problems with anything. Also you can RE download the bought stuff if you keep the links, and if you lose them, cliff will re send them to you.

Thanks for the response. I’m thinking about just buying from BMT like you said. I really don’t like using peer to peer file sharing torrent tools though. Its a direct download from BMT right? Also I see there is a tank game in development. Has there been any talk of a complete GSB bundle with everything included? I’ve been this patient now I may aswell wait for the ultimate edition if possible. Although the product is definantly priced right. I’m tempted to just grab the CE for now and get jiggy with it. Definantly scratches my space combat itch. Thanks again for the great demo. I’m glad it lets me fiddle with stuff without any hassles.