[demo] Minor errors I've come across

In the Deployment tutorial it says to “Click the ‘Add New Order’ button” when actually it’s just called ‘Add Order’.

“I almost spilt my beer”. At fist I thought this was wrong but it turns it’s spelled (or spelt) differently in the east or west!

Why is my cruiser, which is recieving zero damage, bitching about a tractor beam? I think there are too many negative crewmen on my ships!

Some parts had " it’s " (apostrophy) instead of " its ". it’s = it is
The ship moves with its engines. (In the game it was mentioning its instruction manual)
See that ship? It’s big!

When I name my ships with a decimal point, everything after doesn’t show up in the LOAD dialog, although it does show on the ship name. For example, if I want to load Fighter “1.98-8-8-22”, it just says “Fighter 1”.

After a battle I had a laser sound continue playing and repeating until I shut down the game. It even played during the next battle.

But the BIGGEST problem of all… I need to fetch myself $ 23.00 :slight_smile:

  • Mike

I had to go look this up because I thought “it’s” was correct if you are showing posession.

I stand corrected. I guess Cliffski does also. =D

I’ve heard of that book, but never in the context of what it was about, just that it was very popular… Have you read it? is it good? Is it entertaining? (With apologies for hijacking a GSB thread for another topic… Something which I dislike…)

Agreed that hijacking is bad, I will keep it brief. Yes, the book is quite entertaining, providing you’re something of a language person.

And relating to the OP, I had noticed a number of similar language errors, but I enjoy the game enough to let them slide. And I’m something of a language enforcer, so that’s saying something. :wink: