Demo Not working

Ok i got the demo from PC GAmer but after installation and starts to run it errors saying

D3DEngine error
please check publishers website for tech support details: [createdevicedsd7]

after that i went to the website and found no help except to check graphics drivers which are up to date as i just updated from pc gamer new cd.

so i clicked on demo on democracy website and bringsup a download thingy, i doen load which takes 2 secs then click run. it stops saying that the setup files are corrupted!!

what to do now?

any clues anyone? i want to try this game as it looks quite cool


Hi, what video card do you have?

Hi, I’m having this same problem. I uninstalled the demo and re-installed it but nothing changed.
I have an invidia video card.

Hi, is the demo downloading ok? it should be 29 megs (maybe you have 8MB broadband?). This error is basically a fundamental failure for the video card to initialise the game, and almost always related to buggy video card drivers. You could try right clicking the games icon and selecting compatibility mode, that may help, as would maybe changing the screen resolution of your desktop to high color (32 bit) 1024 by 768 before starting.