Demo not working!!!

I downloaded the demo about six times and every time I download it, a Windows error says that the setup files are corrupt, please obtain a new copy. I don’t know what’s going on because about two weeks ago it worked on my computer, but now I can’t even install the demo, which makes me worried about buy the full copy (which I plan to do). By the way, this game is the best game EVER!!! Thanx :smiley:

Check your c:\windows\temp folder and clear that out. Often installations can screw up and leave all sorts of crap behind.

Hi, I recommend deleting the file, rebooting, and redownloading. The demo should be fine. Ill check it now though.

I did what both of you have said and it still says “The setup files are corrupted, please obtain a new copy of the program”. I don’t know what it could be.

I checked the demo and its fine, this sounds like you have spyware or a virus on your PC, I’d make sure you do a proper scan for both.

You’ll want to make sure your virus definitions are up to date, then run a spyware program like spybot and Ad-Aware. Finally, you might want to look at for a final way to get rid of a lot of crud as well.

I just bought a Dell Latitude D600 laptop computer (Brand Spankin’ New) and the demo is still not working. I don’t know what’s going on.

I downloaded and tested it earlier. You are downloading the .exe file from positechs website, and then double clicking it once youve downloaded it right?

I’m clicking on the words “Just click here” on the website. It downloads and then I try to run the setup and it tells me that the setup files are corrupted, please obtain a new copy of the program. I don’t know what’s going on.

Could it possibly be my firewall? I’m guessing since it can’t be the computer, that it has to be the internet firewall.

I don’t think the firewall is the problem. The demo is stand-alone as far as I know.

It sounds like your not downloading the whole demo. It should be 17,013k.

That happens to me sometimes - it says it’s downloaded something but it’s cut out half-way through. I always check the file size now.

It’s working! It was just my internet connection wasn’t letting me download the complete demo. Thank you for you time in helping me and I am planning on buying the game this week! Thanks again.