Democacy and firewalls... Why democracy may trigger some...

We use a graphics library called D3DX, written by microsoft. Stupidly, they left in a bit of code that will try to 'check for a windows-compatibility certificate" for your video card when it initialises.
This means that when Democracy starts (Kudos will be the same), it will trigger some firewalls, seemingly connecting to the internet.
Dont panic.

Firstly, you can just tell it “no” and after a few seconds it will give up, and run fine anyway. Democracy does not need an internet connection to run.

Secondly you can go to internet explorer, tools, internet options, click the ‘advanced’ tab, scroll down to ‘security’ and uncheck the “check for publishers certificate revocation” box.
it won’t do it again.

Its a pain, but there is no other workaround for it (we are pestering microsoft to fix this).
Hope thats helped calm down anyone who worried if they saw that…

▬→`Democracy trigger some just all because of self limitations,
if the other doesn’t trigger any body…it won’t gonna break the “firewalls”…think!↨

taux emprunt

How do I get my firewall to stop the browser sending referrer information? I have just run some PC Flank tests on my computer and it is safe apart from the browser privacy. How do I get my firewall (Agnitum Outpost) to stop my Firefox browser from sending referrer information?