Democracy 2 italian translation

Hi all, I’ve discovered this game thanks to an italian magazine of videogames, it’s a wonderful game! I want to translate it on italian, but…how can I do?

If you can help me teaching how works language files, how create a “traduction patch”…


If you want to translate you’ll have to adapt “Positech\Democracy2\data\Strings.ini”

an example in the file :

In your case it should become

on a sidenote: keep a copy of the file you adapt, so that if a problem comes along you dont have to reinstall the game

Everything in the game has a ‘name’ and a ‘guiname’ which normally comes in a column after it. The name MUST stay the same, but the guiname gets translated, as do descriptions. I’m not in a position to get translations arranged right now, because I’m not sure about future publishing plans yet.

I’m italian too, we can cooperate… tell me if you agree :wink:

Ok… I’ve done a first look on csv and txt files, and there are many description to translate :smiley:

Ok, how I can contact you? I don’t know so good phpBB (i hate phpBB, MyBB is the best :stuck_out_tongue: ), but seems to me that there isn’t Personal Messages…Can you add me to your MSN contacts?


Ops, Can you readd me, the msn address was wrong XD

ok, we’ve met… translation started :wink:

Damn…there is no method to add words with accents?
All latin languages have large use of them…

This isn’t the same thing, but, it’s worth mentioning that one thing I noticed when dabbling around with Cyrillic is that sometimes the application you use to add different stylings needs to have the option/additional keys enabled(For example, I use OpenOffice and it had to be messed with significantly)? Anyway, best of luck!