Democracy 2 mods I used to love

Adds some Democracy 2 mods to Democracy 3

[size=125]what do you get?[/size]
4 dilemmas
1 event
4 simulations
22 policies
4 situations

[size=125]current Version[/size] (101 KB)

[size=125]works with[/size]
[size=85]no guarantee on this, as i just testet if a new game would start, might also crash ingame by activating policies etc.
Social Engineering

Cycling Infrastructure
Disaster and Emergency Situations Pack
Economic Realism Pack 1.8
Electricity Mod
spitting out errors but seems to also work with
Department of Education and Families
LGBTQ Rights
More Policies 1.31

[size=110]Contents 14/05/2014[/size]
by RILEY METCALFEArms Development
Church Tax
Corporal Punishment
Government Control of Industry
Immigration Tax
Monarch Tax
Nuclear Arms Policy
Sports Subsidies
Space Exploration
Tax Fraud Department
Private Police
Video Game Censorship

Bank Holidays
Tithes and SilverSurfers
by TOM HUGHESAll Gear no Idea
Big Sister
Job or no Job
Economic Sanctions
known bugs

  • original sliders for arms development and private police cause an error
  • Inflation/Deflation Simulation Mod shows no icons

This Mod also uses the
Dilemmas (Lending Issue),
Events (Hyperinflation) and
Policies (Closed Economy, Corporatism, Interest Rates and Keynesianism) from TOM HUGHES Democracy 2 Inflation mod
together with the
Inflation/Deflation Simulation Mod by Struck (Steam: Police)

[size=150]If any of the original Authors doesn’t want to see his mod/s here, PM me and i will delete it[/size]

I’m also use these old mods in my game.
Good idea to post these old mods here.