Democracy 3 Africa is ON SALE NOW

And you can grab it from us (or other stores) at this link:

You do NOT need Democracy 3 to play this new version. if you already have DLC or mdos installed for Democracy 3, then assuming you install them in the same location they SHOULD work fine with this new game :smiley:
Let us know what you think of it!

Looking for lets plays…heres the first one: (quill18)
and lost more are being uploaded today.

Will there be a separate D3:A set of forums?

Also on the Steam page there are some reviews saying the game is crashing or won’t even start for some folks. In 0.7 hours, with several starts and one playthrough (I got assassinated, so sad) I didn’t have any problems. I’m running Win7 64bit, if that might be helpful.

No separate forum is planned. The people with problems either had incompatible mods running, or they had problems with dodgy anti virus. AFAIK it works fine for everyone now :smiley:

I have no dodgy antivirus and no mods, but I can’t even get Steam to launch mine. The direct-purchased version is unplayable if I ever tab out to do something else, too :-\ Loved the original Democracy 3 - is there any fix on the horizon?