Democracy 3 Board!!

•• Positech’s GLOBAL MODERATOR & Forum Sheriff •• Archduke Astro doesn’t approve the idea of creating another board for this community, mainly due because of the fact that; there is a lack of organization of a self imposed force on all threads to be able to re-direct all the community to one place.

Becaus of this the /demcom/ board will now be only exclusive to modders of a community i’m making. Our final objective is to create a huge modpack and the best way is for us to be communicated in one single place. If you want to be part of this community you only need 2 things:

  1. To believe in our final gold or to understand the need of this in the community.
  2. To be good at modding or have great ideas of new policies.

Up to now there is only 4 of us, but we expect you to show up and help!

List of members (in no particular order):
Remi1771 (me)
Dcosta (Huge contributor to the Modding Community both Countries and Mods)
JoseRuela5 (Active modder and Policy maker)
Amingst (Another Country-expert)

and, we are trying to make Cliffski to join the union, maybe with some Positech staff it’ll take less than a month to do this modpack!

There are multiple aspects of this proposal that I’m concerned about, but the quoted one is quite high on my list.

But we are already separated. We have a Reddit Forum, this, the main page. I already requested Cliffski to make a big announcement everywhere he can about the board

Splitting the small D3 community even further is not what I consider a beneficial development.