Democracy 3 Meta-Game Idea

Hi there i’m new to these forums and I’d like to introduce an idea I’ve had and have decided to implement through discord.
But first, here’s some background:

I love Democracy 3!
I love what it shows and what I’ve learnt about vicious and virtuous cycles. I love how policies can have positive initial effects but also have positive delayed effect after several quarters.

But it’s way to easy to push policies out the door
This is not democracy. This is me deciding what is best and running with it.

  • Where is the debate? (Turns head to face the camera)
  • Where is the congress of Representatives I have to work with? (Turns head to face 2/3rds off camera)
  • Where is my house of cards moment?

I propose a meta-game on top of the original Democracy 3 (or Africa)

  • A group of players who play congresspersons who hold strong ideas and beliefs
  • Who have to vote on the policies you wish to enact.
  • Whom you have to appease and make promises you can’t keep.

That’s what I want!
And if you do too, this is what I’ve done to faciliate it, I’ve created a server to make that happen. Discord is a pretty instant messaging and voice communications platform that doesn’t require you to make an account to use. Because of that, it’s easy to make things happen.

If you wish to join me, click the invite link,
Let us conduct our own great experiment together.

Everything is set up now

We’re playing Kenya with all DLCs

How many players?
As many as you like. if you can join the discord, you can be a senator and vote.

Rules are as follows:
Each turn will last 2-3 days.
All senators will be able to ask the game master to post photos of policy ideas, existing policies or other stats they’d like to view.
The most common ones are already listed in their respective channels.

Senators may conduct discussion on what is best and choose to write up a proposal.

A proposal should take into account the political capital available this turn.
A proposal may be written for several turns allowing long term planning. however the further you think ahead the more likelihood, it may get “defunded” in favour of more relevant proposals.

Senators will vote on all proposals for the turn and the majority voted plan will be executed by the game master.

If no proposal has the majority vote, congress is gridlocked and the turn ends with nothing done.

Here’s how Discord looks