Democracy 3 official modding guide


Ok this should start people off who were considering some mods to the game:…

This guide explains how to mod almost everything, but if you have any questions, please let me know…


That’s really fine!
Let’s go… :slight_smile:


Great! Let’s get to modding :3


Can I add policies using the mods//data/simluation/policies.csv file? I’ve tried, but new policies don’t show up if I don’t add them to the policies.csv in the regular simulation folder


Sickan - The problem is that your mod is in the wrong folder. The folder should be /Democracy 3//…

I’ve had a couple of reads through the documentation, but I’ve not spotted how you over-ride existing things in the simulation? For instance, I want to add in an ‘education gap’ statistic. Among other things, this would be increased by private schools, and would damage overall equality. As such, I want to break the direct link between private schools and equality, but I can’t see a way to do this. I’ve tried using a statistic of the same name, but this just duplicates the stat and causes crashes, rather than over-riding.


Hm, well the instruction for MOD install is a little bit…I don’t understand the needed structure of mod…
Maybe a nice screenshot? :slight_smile:


Hi you can do this using the mission-based overrides folder, but you mean globally? This is actually supported but not yet documented, by putting a file in a specific location, I’ll add this to the modding guide when I get a chance…


Sorry, yes, I meant globally. Okay, I’ll just be patient then and await the update to the documentation :smiley:


Ok, seems to be that I understand the way of installation.


Hi Cliffski. Is it possible to add our own sliders? I tried adding one the same way you would add a policy, by adding a sliders.csv file and adding my own new slider. However, the game doesn’t recognise it. The same line works if I add it into the main sliders.csv, it just doesn’t seem to pick it up when it’s in a mod? Any suggestions?



Really nifty how you can quit to the main menu and your mod is reloaded when you get back into the game, really saves time when tweaking (:


Oh, I didn’t know that. I kept quitting and opening the game again. This is really helpful to know, thank you.


Hi, that sounds like laziness on my part, I bet I forgot to scan mod folders for sliders. I shall put this on my todo list for the next patch. I’m currently on the show floor at the Eurogamer Expo, so I can’t code until Monday :smiley:


Thanks Cliffski. That sounds great, and of course I don’t expect anything immediately. I just wanted to check that I’d not missed anything and was being foolish.



Is it possible to install a mod under Mac running Democracy 3 though steam ???


yes absolutely. The mods have no code, they are simple files, so they should run fine, although I’m not 100% sure if some of the graphics files would need to be a different format (such as dds)


Where can i find the CSV files on Mac? I can’t seem to locate them.



What is the best free editor to edit dds files?


Is there a way to add male and female surnames as well? Slavic countries usually have different suffixes - ov/va;ev/va;ski/ska; etc.


How can I use Unicode string in CSV Files?