Democracy 3 Steam Purchase that won't Load

Good evening,

I have yet to be able to play Democracy 3 since buying it.

Before the updates, I would click play on Steam and the screen would turn black and hang until I had to press the power button on the PC.

Since the updates I have been getting a ‘Failed to Start Game’ error coming up or if I try to run it from the shortcut on my desktop, I quickly see a black box flash up and then nothing. I could click the shortcut all day and see this black box continuously. As I say, I have yet to play this game and I’m getting quite frustrated. Any help would be appreciated.

Debug files sent to Cliff!!

Kind regards,


Hi can you try running the game in windowed mode. Edit the file found here:

\my documents\my games\democracy3\prefs.ini

to say IsWindowed=1

And then re-try the game.

Morning Cliff -

Sorry to say Windowed Mode hasn’t worked either. The black box just flashed up for a milli second and that was that.

Anything else we can try??


Can you email me again so I can look up the debug files? I get very confused when people are here, and also in email and the names are often different :smiley: