Democracy 3 System Requirements

Now i apologize if this was covered previously elsewhere, but i couldnt find this information. I do not normally game on my PC because of the fact that it cannot run many games. Though i’m considering making an exception for this game becuase the gameplay looks to be really enthralling and i have always wanted to play a game like this. Though before i plop down my money i’d like to know if my comp can even run the game. So what are the system requirements for this game?

This is very hard to judge. What PC do you have? it’s best answered by other players with similar PC’s because TBH all game devs tend to have very high spec PC’s. It does run fine on my relatively old Asus ultrabook, which can’t play much :smiley:
I’d guess you need 1 gig of RAM a 500GB hard drive free, a sound card 9any) windows XP or later and probably a 2 gig CPU, but this is absolutely a guess. Video card wise, anything with 256+ MB of Video RAM should do it.

My main concern about my laptop was the RAM because it only packs 2gbs, but if you’re guess would be around half that I think i would be able to run it. Thanks for the help!