Democracy 3? - Updates? Wishes?

Hi All!

Im new to the forum and indeed new the game, i found out about the game from the retailer “Game” here in the UK, i did a quick search in goggle, found the creators website (HERE) downloaded the demo and i love it!

Just wanting to know is there a Democracy 3 in the pipeline? I must say that from what ive played on the demo i love it and will be sure to purchase the full copy tomorrow!

The Game reminds me alot of an old simulation game called “Tropic” whilst you could build a country on Tropic you could also impliment laws like on here.

Is Democracy 3 in the pipleline? If so when can we expect that? And… has anybody got anything they would like adding?

I think you mean the game Tropico. It’s vaguely similar, though Tropico was more focused on micromanagement with the placement of individual buildings and so forth.

It seems early to be wishing for a Democracy 3. Are you just worried that if you buy the full version now, you’ll soon find it obsolete?