Democracy 3

I know it’s not official that a Democracy 3 would be created. However, I think it would be great to just toss around thoughts on a 3rd game being made. What would you like to see in it?

For me, I want to delve into political extreamism!

I want different government types that I can choose. Some government types would be more exposed to terrorism/uprising than others. Some will have elections, some are easier to manipulate than others. Each will have their own benefits and disadvantages. No system is perfect after all. This could have it’s own section, it would be labeled “Governing Philosophy” Here are some types of Governing I would like to see.

Constitutional Monarchy - A government that has a king, but his/her power is strictly limited by the government.

Democracy - Rule by a government where the people as a whole hold the power. It may be exercised by them (direct democracy), or through representatives chosen by them (representative democracy).

Despotism - Governing by a single individual, the despot, who wields all the power and authority of the state. Other persons are subsidiary to the despot.

Dictatorship - Rule by an individual who has full power over the country.

Monarchy - Rule by an individual who has inherited the role and expects to bequeath it to their heir.

Oligarchy - Rule by a small group of people who share similar interests or family relations.

Plutocracy - A government composed of the wealthy class.

Theocracy - Rule by a religious elite.

In the “Governing Philosophy” screen, you could choose what type of government your people want. It would tell you the advantages of the governing style, at the same time allow you to interact with that governing style. Lets say you choose to be a democracy, well you have a few “Policies” to pick from. You have the “rigged election” policy. In which a certain percentage of votes are changed in your favor.
However, there is a slight chance your people will find out about this and you will be booted out of power, or terrorism and uprisings could increase. Another Policy you could adopt would be compulsory voting. Making sure EVERYONE votes. Even a policy of “Encouraging Voter Apathy” could be installed. It would generate 2 random numbers between 10 - 30. Your party gets one number, and the other party gets the other number. This number will be a percentage of voters subtracted from both parties. You won’t know the number till election day, so it can be a last ditch effort in order to bring your party back into dominating power.

I agree, while I understand there probably won’t be a Democracy 3 for a while, I would like to see more concentration on Government systems. I have opened a threa about it.

If I did do Democracy 3, it would be much more scriptable than the previous one, and these ideas are certainly something I would like to incorporate into the game. When something is very scriptable, it’s much easier for modders to carry out bigger changes to the actual gameplay, and a lot of people on these forums have some great ideas about how to add cool new stuff to the main game.

You know, you could always make your product open sourced. If you want true modibility.

Sell the game, and it comes with the source code. What do you think?
Anyways, another Idea I had for the game…

Social liberties needs to be looked into more. I don’t imagine it having a drastic effect on the economy, as that was the main focus of Democracy 2 IMHO. While that was great, I would like to dictate what liberties we do or do not have. Example…

do we have freedom of speech?
do we have freedom of Press?
do we have freedom of religion?
are abortions legal?
Is Euthanasia legal?
Is alcohol and tobacco legal?
Do we censor media?
what are marriage rights like? (it doesn’t have to be just gay marriage either, marriage all across the board from polygamy to marriage as America knows it)
What about slavery? (don’t be afraid to hit taboo subjects, it happened and we can acknowledge it!)
How about segregation?
Are we a Godless state?
Are their state rights?
who can and can’t vote?
is their a one child per home limit?
can employers discriminate between employees?
Is their equal pay?
Does the nation support torture?
How about public humiliations?
Are their limits or organizing groups? (NAACP, KKK, NRA, Neo-Nazi, and other groups of other levels)

I really want to get into the nitty gritty with this stuff! Assume we don’t want to build an American society, that we want a corrupt evil empire! One that can actually do quite well economecly even!

It would be funny if you could rig the votes too in Democracy 3. However, your chance of assassination by opposition would greatly increase.

Exactly. Let the game be more moddable. I would prefer a Dem 3 where i could establish a monetary policy in addition to Tax. If possible can you allow VBScript or JScripting or even something like InstallShield scripting?
XML is passive and limited in features.