Democracy 4 Developer Blog #17: Pre-Alpha Balancing



This seems like a good time to bring this up.

Democracy 3 gave me the impression that indivitual voters only existed during focus group polling and elections, and at all other times the electorate was just this amorphous blob of potential from which voters were molded as needed.
If they exist from the start, are they just as immortal as the “you”?
If I push parents membership up and down, might I keep track of an indivitual and see them become a parent, then stop?

P.S. Prison regieme had 2 crime influencers going in opposite directions.

Hi Cliff,
Awesome stuff and as I said on the YouTube Video discussion dont sweat the Alpha release the players that are chomping on the bit to play Alpha understand what they may get and look at it as an opportunity to be part of the solution and be unsung heros that enhance the overall product and future game play for themselves and others and the fact that you are soliciting feedback and dialogue is just a testament to your dedication to making an awesome game and not just spiffing up some colors and changing names.

With that said, while I know you are really working out game play bugs and stuff and not looking to add new content but is there any consideration to make the moneys show as Trillion, when needed? In D3 I keep getting re-elected but my debt is $10,940.11 BN to me that is $10.94 Trillion.

In addition maybe add “Karen” ( type events to Situations. Note I am not suggesting using the Stereotype that wouldnt be cool but using a one off weird event that then goes away and is more for humor and groan than to demolish or significantly alter game play, kinda like a side quest I guess you could say. IDK maybe this is just an American thing but I would think all countries have “Karen” and "Ken"s that just cause trouble for no other reason than they feel self entitled.

Thanks for you time and will be waiting for Alpha release news this week

The prison thing is deliberate. The short and long term effects differ :smiley:

Regarding voters: Yes they are all immortal and persistant, but their characteristics change over time. So if you implement policies that encourage people to become parents, some of those non-parents on the ‘edge’ of being parents, will tip over and join that group, and will only flip back if those policies or effects change.

We could model the individual ages of voters and let them be born and die…but like I say that would merely be creating a show-off simulation, which wouldnt actually change the statistical outcome of the decisions in any way, so it seems like overkill.

Yup, we should add trillions. I will add it to the todo list. The trouble with the ‘karen’ thing is its very zeitgeist. It might be something people totally forget in 2-3 years time, which then makes the game feel dated. We try to avoid mentioning stuff thats too ‘suddenly in the news’, because it can make the game seem too ‘stuck in time’.

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