Democracy 4 Developer Blog #23: CANADA!

Hope ya like it!


For unpopularity issue I suggested to make it display average approval instead of current implementation.

Current one could be represented as line on top on it.
Or it could be drawn as second graph in voting intentions.
Or it could be color coded:
Red if <40% people wants to vote for you, green if >60% people wants to vote for you, and yellow inbetween.

The second you mentioned the conference you went to in Banff, I knew which one you were talking about because I was in Banff when that was happening. I live in Calgary, about 100km from Banff, and I have to agree that it is one of the most beautiful places in the world. I’m pretty sure I recognize where that helicopter video was taken, too. Maybe I’ll see you around next time you’re in the area!

And thanks for explaining the popularity thing, I’ve been trying to explain that to some people who were wondering why it seems to shift so abruptly. Its likely because people don’t realize that there is a nuance in terms of the level of support someone has for their party, especially since it isn’t really mentioned outside of that “fanatically supportive - opposed” chart.