Democracy 4 Developer Blog #26: Lets All Retire



Looks like good progress! I’m quite happy to hear mention of immigration re balancing too.

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I do have a good suggestion…please add Asian countries…Democracy not just exists in europe, we can have alot of fun playing asian countries


Last I heard, the plan was to do Italy and Spain next, and after that, South Korea.

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I agree with adding Asian countries, but I also agree with him starting with countries which are relatively similar compared to the later additions. It just makes the development process more manageable. After Korea, Japan would be cool too!

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Would “U-turn” be more or less culturally specific than “Filp-flop” I wonder?

I’m more used to Flip-Flop than U-turn

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Ha, amusingly there is not much difference:,flip-flop
so I might leave it as flip-flop