Democracy 4 Feedback to Developers

I really love this game, but would like to provide some feedback as it seems it is still being developed. This game is incredibly complex, which don’t get me wrong is super realistic and therefore great. However, I thought maybe something where you could build to more complex roles like President in America would be beneficial to learning the complexity of the game. Plus, it would be fun to try to build a political career and identity as you try to rise up the ranks. For example, in the United States perhaps you could start as an alder, and then maybe get appointed to position at the Mayor’s office, then run for mayor, and then run for state legislature, and then maybe run for Governor and then for President, etc. It would allow you to have to face the challenge of keeping popularity up high enough that you can advance to the next stage, while introducing you to the complexity of the game little by little and also add the excitement of building a political career and identity.

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That would be a completely different game though, in effect it would be five or six different games within this one.

IMO the best evolution the game could make would be accounting for stuff like (in the US) Senate/Congress/President (player is President) and your political capital is based on the balance of the parties in the House / Senate, moved by midterms and subject to the different sub-factions within the parties (Squad, Libertarian wing of Republicans etc)

One of the problems with modelling the individual systems of government for each country is that it means players have to understand (or be taught by the game) the processes in each country before they could play it properly, which is likely to put a lot of the less hardcore players off.
Most people know that the US has a senate and a house of representatives (but get confused by what congress is!), but how many people know about the UK house of commons vs house of lords, and what powers they have? and does everyone know how these things work in Germany, Spain and South Korea? :smiley:


I’m going to have to agree with Cliff on this one, in any project decisions have to be made about the scope of the project, and where the boundaries are. I also noticed that the decentralized nature of North American governments is unrepresented, that’s just the limitations of the project.

Back when I first played Democracy 3 as I Canada I did a double take when the education system was present because that’s handled by provincial governments.