Democracy 4 for Linux

Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere.

Will this game be available for Linux? Really really excited about this game, I loved Democracy 3 to bits and still enjoy it to this day.

Just took a look at the new product page to find the following quote:

Steam Early-Access (Beta). We also plan to look into getting the game on other stores, but none of this is confirmed yet. At this point we will be actively promoting the game. During this period we will add more languages, more countries and put together an OSX and maybe a Linux build of the game.

So, no native Linux build for now, and no certainty that it will ever exist.

I might buy the game anyway and try to get it working on Linux with Proton/Wine. Will report back here if I do!

I gave into temptation and brought the game (really, how could I resist?).

The game installs and runs almost perfectly through Wine. I’m using Manjaro Cinnamon, would be awesome if others could chime in to see if D4 works on other distros.

I tried installing and running the game through Proton by adding it as a non-Steam game in Steam (guide). It can install without issue and boot from the installer if you check the checkbox, but after adding the installed game exe to Steam it cannot run. Sometimes it popups up an error dialog, sometimes nothing happens.

I’m using 2x 4k monitors, so with that in mind here are the problems I faced:

  • running in 4k fullscreen lacks text scaling (in-game DPI option makes no difference). See below for example screenshots. TBH it’s not a massive problem as I have a 28" monitor so everything is comfortably readable for me, but noticeably smaller compared to 1080p version
  • alt+tabbing with one monitor is unable to bring up other windows, but if you have multiple monitors you can drag a window across to the game monitor and your taskbar should appear, from which point you can alt+tab as expected to other programs or back to the game without issue
  • running in 1080p fullscreen
    • mouse cursor doubles in size, as a result sensitivity doubles
    • alt+tab is unusable when running in the wrong resolution fullscreen. Taskbar doesn’t disappear or mouse cannot click game

Scaling on 4k screenshots:

For all I know it’s possible these problems also occur on Windows as this game is still early in development.

In addition, it may be that these issues only occur with my distro/display-environment/window-manager combination.

Performance seems fine. I suppose the best measurement is the wait in between terms, which seems to be fine.