Democracy 4 Gets Reviewed

A review for Dem 4 outside Early Access.

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Democracy 4 being mere incremental improvement and got 6/10

This reviewer had no chill.

Well, I think as a visual representation of thousands of excel cells, Dem 4 has it limits (and same with expectations), even with keeping that in mind, maybe those drawbacks can be worked on to improve it? Some of the stuff I read there, has been stuff which players have been complaining about for a long time.

Still, that doesn’t take away from the good stuff about Democracy 4.

Constructive criticism is good for this game, but I do see at times, that level of vitriol that sometimes flows towards this game, can be demoralizing, especially for Cliff. People fail to understand at times that D4 is not a pol sim, it’s a gov sim, and a one which is not 1:1 at that. Hence, it will not appeal to everybody.

Generally speaking, it sticks to western, capitalist democracies for the very same reason, a lot studies, hence, stats come from places where studies have happened the most, which help create a sim, which is the west, although, I would like to see D4 diversify over time. Which it’ll probably happen with enough time.

Although Cliff, as far as I can say, playing as Ayn Rand would most likely lead to failure, just due to how the game is structered, cutting all public spending leads to catastrophe, as it is a gov sim.