Democracy 4 ideas/suggestions

While I still religiously play Democracy 3 and still enjoy it, there are some things that could be added to the Democracy 4 game that would make it even more enjoyable! Below are some suggestions and ideas that have for the game!

Instead of automatically winning the Presidency, let gamers create a candidate, go through the stages of a Presidential campaign, and WIN your right to lead the American people. The creation of a candidate should have many options. The gamer gets to choose political affiliation, age, gender, race, sexual orientation, etc. Gamers get to choose your candidate’s home state. Gamers get a map of the United States and based on their opinion, they get to choose where to campaign. As the campaign continues, let gamers react the current political issues. Possibly even have gamers “compete” in a political debate with an opponent. This all leads up to the general election. The results of that election will determine whether or not a gamers moves on to the Presidency.

Once a gamers has earned their way to the White House, the political game truly begins.

  1. Have more military options. Perhaps more in-depth conflicts resulting in military action.
  2. Allow a President to make a Supreme Court decision.
  3. Allow a President to make certain “statements” that could cause poll numbers to rise and fall.

Provide a way to hold a snap election.
That would be good.