Democracy 4 Ideas

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Obviously, more countries … 372aeo.png

More than two parties

More than two parties to make the game more realistic: … 41419o.jpg

Election of the political orientation of the parties, instead of the predetermined names … 3c2c8o.jpg … 3411fo.jpg

Improve of the political diagram … 95068o.jpg

Language and Agreements … fa252o.jpg

Multi language, at least English, Spanish, Italian, French and Russian.
Agreements between parties to lead the country.
These agreements would be 70% ideological similarity and 30% convenience

Improve the intention of vote … 66961o.jpg

Elections and history of elections

History of elections would be a place to see all your elections results during this savegame … 58402o.jpg … 62ffbo.jpg

If you loose the elections, you can still play as the opposition

More policies

More policies, like nationalise banking sistem, living wage, sex education, etc. You can base on mods, there are very interesting things in some of them.

Thank you for watching this and sorry for my bad english, comment your opinion about my Democracy 4 ideas, and, of course, give yours :slight_smile:

Wow! I like your suggestions and the passion you put creating those graphics. I’d be excited to have these improvement in the new chapter too, it would become more realistic (the realism in fact is the less accurate aspect of this awesome game)

This would be great, but to do the opposition there should be a parliament/senate where the laws must be passed because they become effective, yeah the game would become less speedy but more realistic - maybe there could be a crossover: some laws passed without the approval of the congress and others that need it. It would be awesome to have your own people in parliament - these people could have their own story and not be just names with three indicators like in this chapter, they could change roles in your governments and have their part in the game. The top would be have the primaries for your party and change the candidate to election every certain years, choosing him from your parliamentaries.

Because i’m appassionata of political conspiracy i’d like to see an implementation of the “dirty side” of politic: lobbies, international pressures (USA, Europe and Russia could be seen as three “objects” that have their own perception of your government, and they will do of consequence) and maybe wars, but i understand that this is very hard to do. Ok, i think Cliff is already killing himself LOL

I really appreciate your reply, thank you :smiley:

I thought the parliament idea, but I didn’t know how to explain it. You have explained it very well. This is my graphic idea of a parliament: … 50bdao.png … 1fc0ao.png … 5aa36o.png … d3523o.jpg

One more time, sorry my mediocre English :slight_smile:

Genial, unas ideas geniales.

La idea del Parlamento debería llevar implementada en Democracy mucho tiempo, debería haberse añadido ya en Democracy 3.

Por cierto, cómo has hecho los gráficos, entiendo que no son mods que ya estés jugando realmente, no?

Muchas gracias por la respuesta :slight_smile:

Las imágines los hice con Photoshop ya que domino bastante bien la herramienta. El gráfico de la intención de voto lo hice con Openoffice

Un saludo

Yes, some good ideas you’ve got there. I’d add that coalition type scenarios and a choice of a proportional representation elections system,(STV or AV) would make it more interesting, or simply the British First Past the Post, (which doesn’t require 50%+ popularity - only a majority of seats). Another possibility is online multiplayer, eg. groups of 25 players of different European nations contesting for the European Parliament? Obviously I note the last suggestion I made is potentially trickier.

Some interesting ideas here :smiley:

I believe that Political capital should be replaced with a Parliament system. When you propose to change or add new law. Parliament has to vote on this proposal and you get to see a rough estimate on how much of Parliament will vote for or against the new proposal. And I also believe it would be a great idea if you could add in referendums so that the public get to vote, as a optional thing.

These are examples of a parliament and referdum system from a game called Geo-Political Simulator 3: Masters of the World.

I like the idea of a parliamentary system to pass policies, but your cabinet would still need to be efficient enough to make sure the policies are implemented after being passed. Also, using electorates and a parliament can make it more balanced in ways (since usually the elections are really fought over marginal seats). In the case of Australia and the US, there is also a fully elected second house which is elected in staggered terms, whereas in other countries a second house doesn’t exist or cannot bear enough political will. It can also mean that if you stray from your party’s view or in cases of coalitions do not agree to their ends you may see yourself out very quickly. Also the voting system is also good since in most cases, a nice majority of seats can be obtained by a party with 35%-40% of the vote in FPTP, whereas in Australia where the elections use instant runoff and are complusory, their primary between the 2 major parties Labor/Liberal-National Coalition is usually 40-40 and the smaller parties and such make up the rest which then funnel e.g. A larger Green vote would more likely boost support for the Labor party since they may not win the seat but their preferences would shore up a labor candidate’s position which creates the idea that every vote counts and is represented. Also coalition governments is an interesting path because parliaments are usually multi-party systems (in the case of Germany its always has been a coalition government except for a brief period where Konrad Adenauer led the CDU/CSU to a majority in 1957).

Sorry for rambling but to sum up,
-Parliamentary system with multiple parties based on electorates with the potential to push people to be more centrist or such fighting over centrist marginal seats
-Parliamentary composition (Lower and Upper House, coalitions)
-Voting systems (FPTP, Instant runoff)
-Cabinet to implement policy (As a sort of executive, make them more efficient or less if they are not good, make the implementation faster/slower)
-Facing backbench rebellions, also can do with the composition of your party’s representatives e.g. Alienating ethnic minorities causes your ethnic backbenchers and supporters to have less support for you


All posted ideas are great but I would like to see the impact of actual people on economy. For instance in current version of the game it does not matter how many people are actually working from the total pop… There is no shifting of population from teens to adults. Worker to pensioner… ets.

I would love to see a mix between the game SUPERPOWER and DEMOCRACY. Both games should take only the good points and make a awesome game. :slight_smile: But again the Democracy’s appeal is it GUI. Simple and effective.

I love modding the game but it can get a bit tedious. There was a guy that made an awesome program form modding but it’s undeveloped. It’s a shame. Maybe D4 should make the modding part even better. For me that even more fun.

  1. What i would LOVE to see is that lobbyists would give you additional funds for re-elections in return that you would enforce some policies they suggested. Other countries would also try to lobby you by giving trade deals in exchange for taking down tariffs or border control.

  2. Parliament! You could try to sway other parties to support your policies and in return appoint some of their people into your own cabinet. Some sort of synergy would also be required if you intend to make coalitions (e.g: Liberals and green party would love to work together but conservatives would hate their guts and try to wreck all of their bills).

  3. More random geopolitical events! World is an unpredictable place so unpredictable events would occur. Don’t be afraid to go wild with these, I mean we all would love to see pirate party making a landslide victory in your neighbourin country and forcing you to take actions accordingly.

  4. Campaigning! I think this need a bit more depth in it because in a long run you will be going throu this process many times. Like winning endorsements, naming a running mate etc.

  5. Making our very own party! I WOULD ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS! From naming your party to setting it’s ideology (liberal, conservative, patriotic, capitalistic etc…) all the way to the setting it’s goals of which policies it would implement IF elected (and voters will remember if they don’t…)

These are some of my ideas hope you like at least some of them:)

  1. I’d like to be able to select a character to play as when I lead the country.

  2. When that character’s terms are over I select a new character and continue playing the same country.

  3. The reason for this is that I want to see the events that can take place if you’re not constantly winning elections with the same character. The effects of winning vs. not winning.

  4. Give players the option, before you start your game, to have a Vice President and/or to have the ability to select a new leader of the country from the Cabinet just in case your character is assassinated. Kind of like a chain of command. If your character is assassinated add new effects like the Everyone Group being disappointed and sad, for example.

Custom taxes would be nice. Things like payroll taxes should’ve been in 3 in the first place considering how prominent they are in actual tax systems.

I think everyone (from looking here) agrees on a congress system to replace Politcal Capital, and playing as another person after assassination.

I suggest seperating Proggressives and Traditionals from Liberals and Conservatives, respectively.

I would love to see Progressive and traditionals too, I have suggested elsewhere that we should have democratic socialists etc. we should also be able to customise ourselves, I would also like it if the game recognised that helping poorer people and having the rich/capitalists etc. pay their fair share helps the economy. Also, I would like a positive benefit to health and have lower crime from legalising medicinal cannabis, also, lower crime should lead to less extremism, and assassination’s should be less of a thing.

I would like to see an exploration into Anti-trust Law. It’s also called Competition Law or Anti-Monopoly Laws governing competition between businesses and how those laws impact society and the economy. I think it’d be great too if there was a way to dive into Nuclear Regulatory Policy or making it so that players can adjust the number of Nuclear Power Plants they have in their country, from zero Nuclear Power Plants to having them all over your country.

There was also something in Democracy 2 that could find its way into the next Democracy game and that is the little bits of history that sometimes accompanied a policy position or a voter group or etc. I think it was really interesting how the game included comments about Socialism for example beyond the description of what a Socialist is or a history of Pollution Controls in a country.

I think every happy country should be democratic, everybody should have a right to express his/her feelings! thank you for these links proposed!