Hello community and Cliff! I know that this proposal is very difficult to apply but I do it anyway. I propose a multiplayer that must be structured like this:

  1. Each party must have one player for each ministry
  2. Each party leader chooses whether to stay in the government or in the opposition
  3. It is possible to propose alliances of parties
  4. Before starting the program must be written in the electoral campaign.
  5. The opposition must make public events, speeches, demonstrations against certain government laws, etc …
  6. The winner must play normally, the leader of the winning party can fire a minister and then prevent the dismissed player from playing, who can go to the opposition or remain in the party waiting to be summoned or the leader can also exchange ministers ie “x” instead of “y”.

I know you need a lot of servers, I know it’s very difficult to structure it like this so I don’t get mad if you don’t, it was just a proposal :slight_smile:

If you have something to complain about, come forward, you too Cliff: D!

See you later

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Me on my way triggering coalition every turn.

Multiplayer coding (i’ve only done it once) is a huge amopunt of work which would distract from the base game, but also it brings a lot of work that players do not normally notice. For example, players can cheat, so you suddenly need a lot of anti-cheat and file-verification and checking code and server code, and you also then need code to report abusive players, code to check people are not using offensive language etc etc. And it has to work over a wide range of networking conditions. Its a nightmare!

I’m not saying its not a good idea!, more than it just would involve more work than is practical given that most Democracy players see the game as a pure single-player experience.


Ok, Thanks fpor looking this post! :slight_smile:

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I like this idea, though I think having multiplayer be limited to coalition governments might make things simpler, as the game can remain quite similar to base game coalitions, and not many new systems would need to be added (compared to having players for minority parties).

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