Democracy & Dictatorship!


In my opinion you should also add more countries as well as add the option of dictatorship in the game. It would make it more interesting! Also I would suggest you to choose the name “Democracy & Dictatorship” for the next game instead to “Democracy 2”. You could add the option of beginning the games as a dictator too, however, also making it possible for one to come to power by democratic means and later turning the country to dictatorship. The real test of the dictator could be how he could manage his one man rule despite opposition, the option to use armed forces, declaring martial-law, also appeasing the population with some reliefs i.e. carrot and stick policy. How long a dictator is able to rule and his possible exit from power by a coup, assasination, revolt, civil disobedience and natural death. For this you may add some countries like China, Central Asian ex-Soviet dictatorships, Cuba, Middle Eastern countries. How about that? Inform me. Thanks :slight_smile:

Did you ever play a game called Floor 13? While it wasn’t a simulation of a dictatorship, it did require you to get your hands dirty in all sorts of ways to help the government run smoothly. Infiltration and monitoring of special interest groups, as well as covert assaults, kidnap, and torture, sometimes of the government’s own ministers. Although I’d like some of those elements in a Democracy follow-up (an active opposition to your government, mainly) they probably comprise their own game, much like simulating a dictatorship would.

good idea. I guess do that the GDP would go down when you become a dictator cause your spending all your moeny on :smiling_imp: and 8)

I did sketch out a whole game design for being a dictator. it would have different setups, where you could be a popular(ish) dictator like Ghaddafi, or a hated one like Mugabe or Saddam. There would always be rebels trying to overthrow you. It’s something I’d like to do at some stage.

After reading an article on Iran on the Economist, I relised that a lot of times dictatorships are comprised of various idealogies and would just be cool to pick the one you want (in the game)