Democracy Glitch - Screensaver Causes Crash - Details inside

First of all, Thanks for the awesome game. The paid version is worth it.

Second, I am playing it on a P4 Centrino Moble Laptop.
512 Meg RAM, 64 Meg Shared RAM onboard video ( ATI ).
about 30% free HD space on a 60 Gig HD.
Running Windows XP Pro SP 2 with the latest patches.

During gameplay, I occasionally have external interruptions ( Ex: Daddy? When are you gonna stop playing and fix us dinner ? … and other such nonsense :laughing: ). When my laptop attempts to run the default WinXP screensaver, It causes Democracy to crash in Full screen mode.

I was just wondering if this is a known bug or is a patch in the works ?

no thats a new bug to me. Im suprised the screensaver kicks in though, I thought full screen directx automatically prevents it, but I will investigate…