Democracy on Amazon?

I saw this: … g_h__img_5

Is it the democracy we all know and love, or somebody else’s?

That is the retail copy of this game, yes.

Yes. I bought two months before democracy 2 came out. Grrr

Democracy must still be a really popular game. Someone is trying to sell it on Amazon for £29.99.

What kind of democracy people are asking for Myanmar? We do not have western style democracy in China, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia or Bengladesh. What kind of democracy is the world asking for democracy in Myanmar Aung San Su Kyi grew up in the west. She failed to negotiate with the military for the past 19 years. Please someone enlighten with me what kind of democracy the west and Su Kyi wants to establish in Myanmar. Will it ever happen or not? Meanwhile people got killed and displaced asking for it.

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