Democracy3: Extremism Released!

We are happy to announce that as the countries of the world descend into chaos, as Russia makes moves on Ukraine, the National front gain ground and The UK Independence party blame the floods on gay marriage… That Democracy 3 is going extreme too, as we release our new expansion for the game:

Check it out here:
(and let us know what you think)

Just as I was beginning to forget about Democracy 3, you release this. Very exciting! And the trailer is also very well done.

This also reminds me about how much a feature could enhance the Democracy 3 experience: voters groupe radicalism. Along with apathy, satisfaction, proportion and income, there should be a way to alter the radicalism of various voter groups. For example, patriots with low patriotism would be more satisfied with folkloric and cultural policies while more radicals ones would only be satisfied by a sea of tanks and flags. Socialists can go from classical communists to social democrates and social liberals. Capitalists of America are far more radical than the ones in France.
I feel like it could really blend extremely well with the focus of both your DLC.

Well, I’ll shut up now and go play. Thank you again for this!

Excellent addition.

Purchased the game via Steam. Doesn’t show up as owned DLC upon right clicking it in my library, nor does it show up in-game. -_-

Same here sadly.
Hope it is fixed quickly

I’m pestering steam to fix this right now…

Sounds good to me. Another great expansion to look forward to.

Hi there. i Bought the extremist package for 4.99$ but the game keep crashing everytime i want to play is that normal???

This is happening to me as well, but it only crashes when I have the extremism DLC enabled. Any suggestions on how to fix it?

you need version 1.14 or later of the game for Extremism to work correctly, check the top right of the games main menu to see which version you have.

Well the steam version is on 1.13, did you not push an update or something? People are saying deleting the steam version and reinstalling isn’t fixing it, is there a patch you can put on here?

Same problem here. It worked just fine yesterday.

For everyone having trouble, the 1.14 patch is listed here

Now go forth, and bring in the Work for the Dole program - JUST LIKE OUR PRIME MINISTER’S NEW BUDGET IS DOING!

We just fixed this…sorry!

After playing it, I have to say it is really satisfying. There is a lot more to do and it is always tempting to go radical when things aren’t going fast enough or things are too calm.

However I noticed one strange redundancy. Langage lessons. They are present in both Social engineering and Extremism. I don’t really get the difference between the concept or the reason for them being different.

Great expansion.

One issue, is the overload of similar policies. There is a dozen of Law & Order polices that decrease crime, and upset liberals. Also, policies that promote religion and patriotism in rather similar ways, with the same kind of side-effects.