Demolotion Improvements

At the moment its too easy to delete the wrong part, especially when deleting a misplaced resource line.

Maybe make it that we have to select the item from the menu first then either right click to delete or left click to place?

This prompts me to think of this:

YOu right click an item and it pops a selection box located at the mouse pointer that gives you the choice to delete a component or all of them in the square that you will have to chose and click, or click out of the box to avoid the deletion. This would give a 2 stage delete saving mass deletion.

I do see this having a draw back when removing mass amounts of stuff like resource lines and conveyors.

I would rather have a shortcut.

Like “CTRL+ Right click” deleting regular conveyors and slots… and “Shift+Right Click” only deleting resource conveyors.

But that said I somehow have adapted to the right clicking already. xD

I would probably also allow to drag a rectangle while holding CTRL or Shift so that you can mass delete a bigger part of the factory at once.


at this point I’ld like to remember to all those guys who play on a laptop with a touchpad in front of the keyboard …
When I played Production Line the first time and have had the need to remove something my first idea was just to take the demolish tool.
So following this intention everything would be great if there would be three such tools:

  • ‘Demolish Resource Conveyors’
  • ‘Demolish Conveorys’
  • ‘Demolish all’

As soon as the demolish tool allow to drag a line (like when placing Conveyors) or a whole area, everything should be perfect.

Doing it that way should catch all people, no matter what they criticise:

  • too easy to delete the wrong things
  • onliy one tile/slot per click but no plane demolishing
  • need to hold a key to remove Resource Conveyor over other slots/Conveyors
  • the demolish icon does not affect anything

Or am I wrong at this point?

Have a nice day!

To make it easier to quickly reconfigure a factory, I’d like the ability to:

  1. Demolish all things in an area.

  2. Demolish only conveyors and/or resource conveyors.

  3. Demolish only conveyors and/or resource conveyors in an area.

Hi Nemoricus,

there is another posting related to this topic:
‘Change to Right Click Delete’

It would be great to stick similar suggestions together …

Kind regards

Merged the two threads together now.

Just started with PL, but this (Right-Click=Delete) is something I haven’t been able to get used to yet :frowning:

I’m used to using Right-Click to view the options/status for a thing, in any program. Viewing a station is the same thing, so I automatically use right-click when I want to see how one is doing, which breaks my factory :frowning:

I’d like to suggest at least an option to make Right-Click the same as Left-Click, and make Ctrl-Right-Click the Delete - making it an option means everyone gets their preference.

Although what would be better IMHO would be

Left-Click: Select station and show status
Shift-Left-click+Drag: Select (stations) in an area
Delete: Delete selected (stations)
Left-Click/Drag: Move station/Selected objects
Right-Click: Select and show status
Shift-Right: Select and delete
Ctrl-Right: Select and delete resource conveyor

Or something similar - right-click should not be destructive though :slight_smile:

Maybe the ability to assign gestures/keystrokes/combinations to actions via a GUI?

And also the addition of (infinite) Undo so when I do Right-Click I can put it back :slight_smile:

I agree, demo improvements would be nice

I think a selection box with a way to toggle want you want to delete is the best solution for mass deletion