deployment cap

Just wondering, not critisizing or anything,

what is the reason for these 4 deployment at a time caps?

it keeps the game varied and prevents spam. GSB had an issue where people would just deploy 4,000 fighters or 64 identical frigates, and it’s less fun to play and see that way :smiley:

true… true…

but since here people can adapt on the fly, can’t ppl (or the AI) just hard counter that once they see the swarm coming and kick their asses?

That’s where STRATEGY, TACTICS and DIVERSIONS come in. You show to your opponent that you are going to do a big attack in one place with units which can counter anything but instead your main goal is to get smaller faster units through from another point and so on. Same with the maps where there’s only one path. That’s where correct unit line up comes into play.

Personally I like the limit because I often find myself just pumping out the same unit as much as possible instead of stopping for a moment to think what I’m actually doing. A bit later I notice that I should have made my line up differently.

Shouldn’t it still be an available choice to spam?

Well, I guess you could mod that cap anyway. :slight_smile:

I like the four unit cap thing. I think ideally spam shouldn’t be a viable tactic simply because it isn’t interesting, either as a tactic to employ or a tactic to fight against. This makes you think about your deployments a bit more. The whole 4,000 fighter thing in GSB was definitely a problem because it was just boring. It took no thought to employ, and was just very frustrating and uninteresting to fight against.